The Allure of Plastic: A Look at PVC Folding Cartons

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Plastic has traditionally been recognized for its functional capabilities. It is strong, resilient and at least semi-impermeable, making it a sensible choice for packagings perishable or environmentally sensitive liquids like milk, detergent, and other cleaning agents. However, over the last five years plastic has steadily gained favor for its aesthetic properties, and is now recognized as a clear winner in the competition for shelf appeal. Plastic packaging is available in a variety of elegant finishes and effects that allow the beauty of your product to show through. Clear, lined and frosted versions can be matched to almost any color for maximum […]

James Allen – Sterling Silver Jewelry is a Timeless Beauty

As jewelry trends come and go, silver jewelry remains popular across all economic and fashion spectra. Silver has attracted man’s fascination for many thousands of years. Ancient civilizations found silver deposits plentiful on or near the earth’s surface. Relics of these civilizations include jewelry, religious artifacts, and food vessels formed from the durable, malleable metal. This metal took on near mystical qualities in marking important historical milestones throughout the ages and served as a medium of exchange. Today, silver is sought as a valuable and practical industrial commodity, as well as an appealing investment precious metal bankruptcy attorneys in milwaukee :)_+,.Although silver is relatively scarce, it is […]